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Postdoc Position - Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural Soils, Uppsala, Sweden

#1 von Sylvia , 13.06.2013 19:25

Postdoc Position - Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural Soils
SLU - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Uppsala, Sweden

We are looking for a postdoc who will work with carbon sequestration in agricultural soils. We will investigate the effect of different land use and management options such as crop rotations, catch crops, residue handling and fertilization on soil carbon storage using data from long-term field experiments. This assessment will be used to further develop and parameterize a model system used in agricultural extension work, valuation of ecosystem services, lifecycle analysis and regional greenhouse gas reporting.

At the Department of Ecology, SLU we conduct empirical and theoretical research for sustainable forest and agricultural production and efficient biological conservation. Our research on populations, communities, and ecosystems forms the foundation for studying the influence of land use and climate change on animals, plants, and soils. Solutions are sought that will improve greenhouse gas balances, preserve threatened species, benefit biological diversity and ecosystem services, sustainable wildlife management and control pests in forest and agricultural landscapes as well as in urban areas.


You are expected to conduct research on carbon cycling in agricultural systems which will involve analysis of data series at field and regional scale. Data from long-term field experiments will be used for parameterization of a regional carbon model that is driven by meteorological data, agricultural statistics and soil inventories. You will be collaborating with researchers and PhD students working on other ecosystem services and general questions about element cycling in agricultural ecosystems.


Documented knowledge in soil science, agricultural science and dynamic modeling is highly desirable. Skills in programming, GIS and statistics are of advantage. Skills in scientific writing in English will be considered when assessing the applicant.


Applicants must have a doctoral degree in agronomy, ecosystem ecology, soil science, environmental science or similar disciplines. To be appointed as a postdoc, applicant should have been awarded her/his PhD no more than three years ago at the time of application.

For more details and to apply for this job click here:

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